Only Girl

December 9, 2015 1:43am CST
In our family, I’m the first granddaughter in other words I’m the first girl in our family. I will share what are the feeling of an only girl and growing with 3 brothers around Actually, It was a mixed emotion because my brothers are paranoid every time they saw me with a guy but they didn’t know that I have a lot of guys friends instead of girl friends because for me having a guy friends is less drama and they’re true to their selves. But I do also have a few girl friends and there are the ones who are attractive which it makes my self esteem lowers up until -0 lol just kidding! I’m the prettiest. Other fact of having a lot of guys in my surroundings is that they influence me thru their actions. I also act boyish always because of that I hate suitors!! For reaaal because every guy that approaches me I just see them as a friend or a brother. My brothers are overprotecting me. It’s so annoying but they just want the best for me. Like, they want me to go home as early as 9pm they just love But I admit that I have a lot of crushes. Especially, Zac Efron he’s so freaking hot as hell He is so perfect.
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• Philippines
9 Dec 15
Your lucky because when things get tough, the brothers will come and rescue. even if you learned martials arts or self defense. love them and they will chreish and protect you
@sishy7 (27598)
• Australia
9 Dec 15
You're the princess in the family! I'm the only girl in my family too - it's because I have four sons and no daughter...