Earn Money ONLlNE without INVESTMENT? Does it really Work??

Earning ONLINE? Does it really WORK??
December 11, 2015 8:57am CST
If you think it is possible to earn money online by "investing time", NOT MONEY, what ways do you find will be successful. Few things what I observed are 1. Blogging - Eg. Blogger 2. Answering Surveys - Eg. Toulana, Globalmarketing 3. Pay Per Click - Eg. Clicxsense 4. Online Marketing like - Eg. SFI 5. Some which combines all the above like swagbucks, Perk etc., 6. Data Entry Jobs But Except Blogging (where it is successful), I don't find any other above methods will earn decent income for the time spent. Do you agree to my comment? Please share any other methods you found to earn passive income over investing your time working online about few Hours a day
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@owlwings (39598)
• Cambridge, England
11 Dec 15
The only way that I have ever found useful is MyLot (and certain other similar sites). You cannot expect to earn anything more than 'pin money', however, with this or any of the ones you mention, however.
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@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
11 Dec 15
I think blogging is the best way for making money online, but it is need more and more investment of time and energy. Because it is difficult to get more visitors. Once you get it. you will earn more and more money.
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• India
5 Jan 16
I think it's always better to find the opportunities te earn money online without investment. but, for a blogger the investment on a website is inevitable.
@aju007 (1470)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
14 Dec 15
I saw a site which pays to learn about blogging and marketing. Its pretty interesting. It pays 1$ just after you complete the first course which will take just upto five minutes
• Ahmedabad, India
13 Dec 15
data entry is best method to earn money without investment.
@anh101 (1380)
12 Dec 15
Yeap, i also think that blogging is the choice. and blogging needs time, focus, and many effort, but after all who can make it is so nice
@nestea89 (102)
• Canada
12 Dec 15
Yes it is possible! Everyone seems to want too get rich right away. If you take patents and time, it can be done. All without investing a penny but, you can invest to speed the process up.
@BelleStarr (39598)
• United States
11 Dec 15
You will find it hard to earn a living doing even all of these things.
• Estonia
11 Dec 15
I have been in online marketing for several years and I found it difficult to earn without investing. I am now a member of a few affiliate programs that cost me a little, but they do pay and one of them grows on autopilot which means I do not have to spend either time or more money to build my income or invite anyone to join.