Darn Second Day The Care Givers have Left my room Uncleaned, bed Unmade.

@Hatley (164507)
Garden Grove, California
December 11, 2015 5:22pm CST
Now I am gettng angry, It is the second da y that nobod y has come in our room to clean and make the beds. It is their jobs to do so, they are paid to clean our rooms and make our beds, and clean the bathroom. Wantedthi to take my blood sugar but need a flat surface wide enough to lay out the glucometer and injector and pen and notebook to write down my blood sugar reading.Thisis really too much.Do I have to go out and ask them to do m y room"? I tried making m y own bed and the care giver bawled me o utg."Maam that is m y job what I am p aid to do. Leave it to us.'
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@Jessicalynnt (47895)
• Centralia, Missouri
12 Dec 15
wonder if someone called in sick or something
@Elizaby (3807)
• Pensacola, Florida
11 Dec 15
When the one responsible for your room hasn't come in a reasonable time pull the call cord to get them to the room to get the job done. If that doesn't work report it to those in charge.
• United States
11 Dec 15
Sorry that no one has come to clean your room or make the beds in two days. Someone isn't doing their job