Saturday Morn Dec 12 Slow Down Dec.

@Hatley (164471)
Garden Grove, California
December 12, 2015 10:07am CST
Why does The month oif December seem to speed by on greased lightening? I have not got my Christmas shopping done nor bought a few cards.To top it off its plenty darned cold this morning here in sunny California. This is the pne place where it never rains! I am going to have to sneak back in bed Its just too cold in here. This winter has seen much l ower temps here in Southern California so unusual and our buildings are not insulated as the builders assumed Oh well its never cold in 'California.Wish I had some wonderful news or latest gossip but no i do not like gossip. Somehow my lifes sort of boring b ut still Im grateful I woke up and gee whiz Im alive again. A new day and Im grateful to God for a new fresh day. Maybe I will make something good of it this day. Odd the picture just flashed in to my mind of the trips I had to make a few years back to get these custom made shoes with the built in brace for my bad left foot. Im remembering the lady who was also waiting for her custom made shoes and the odd look on her face, I had asked her if she would give me a ride to the nearest route sixty bus stop. Now she did not know me nor I know her b y name. But she agreed even as she looked at me as though I must be a elderly axe murderer. So we rode along in strained silence til I cried out' there it is. My bus stoplThanks so much"{ She managed a strained smile and said finally"Good bye. Take care." My point fellow bubblers, is the world such a sorry place now days that y ou dare not give an old lady a ride for just fifteen minutes. Do you think a woman in her 80 s is ging to murder you? Of course this was 8 years back? I came from a place where people helped one other and were not afraid to do so. Is that all gone now"? !
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@just4him (128424)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
12 Dec 15
You have seen a lot of changes in your lifetime. The saddest one perhaps is that people keep to themselves and don't help others anymore. It's a sad time we live in.
@LadyDuck (181963)
• Switzerland
12 Dec 15
You said it again Patsie, you wrote fellow Bubblers. Some people are not very social, I know some who do not really like to talk.
@marlina (79612)
• Canada
12 Dec 15
Maybe she was just a grumpy person all year round.
@Jessicalynnt (47879)
• Centralia, Missouri
12 Dec 15
maybe she had social phobias, or something.