When Will I Learn

@Elizaby (3551)
Pensacola, Florida
December 12, 2015 12:19pm CST
When will I learn to keep my bedroom door closed even if I am in the room when Cujo is in the house. This barely 6 month old dalmatian puppy can get into room and cause problems. Last week after being disciplined he got in here and I had to wash my purple pillow after he pee a little bit on it (he took it from the bag it was in). Today I was sitting on my bed reading here when he came in and went to my book and pillow bag and I had to be quick because there was some brownies that were in there that he already sniffed out and now he is in the other room pouting after not getting his way and almost nipping me because I wouldn't let him get at the brownies (Sorry Cujo dogs can't eat chocolate).
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• Chennai, India
13 Dec 15
puppies are cute and these moments will make us smile/laugh when we think of it at a later stage because they are also like babies and cherish it :) These kinda things are undergone by most people who have pets and its not something unusual:)
@Hatley (164838)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Dec 15
oh thats right chocolate can make them really ill. don't blame him as I love the aroma of good brownies my self lol lol loll;
@Platespinner (19361)
• Winston Salem, North Carolina
13 Dec 15
He sounds a bit like a mischievous child!
@DeborahDiane (18416)
• Laguna Woods, California
13 Dec 15
He sounds like he needs to grow up a little before he will be an easy pet. However, dogs do become better as they get older.
@JudyEv (111897)
• Bunbury, Australia
13 Dec 15
He sounds like a handful. Probably more trouble than a child!
@just4him (102787)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
12 Dec 15
I'm glad you were faster than he was.
@fishtiger58 (30494)
• Momence, Illinois
12 Dec 15
Sounds like a clever dog.
@Blondie2222 (20489)
• United States
12 Dec 15
Well now you will know to keep your door closed at all times when he is there. Some puppies just don't learn or it takes them awhile to learn especially at 6 months old.