DPOAF 7: The Arab Spring

@mythociate (15753)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 12, 2015 3:38pm CST
(Defending President Obama against Accusations of Failure) I once asked for 'evidence' of Obama's wrongdoing, and was given the link you see. As I expected, the 'evidence' was more of the unfounded accusing I've seen before; but it looks like people are 'rallying behind it' (like the thoughts are from some 'Holy Writ'), so I'll address the accusations one-at-a-time. And I welcome any 'evidence' (okay, "links"; but hopefully linking to some factual statistics) against my defenses here. Accusation 7 - He blew the Arab Spring. Yes, because (insert sarcasm here) doesn't he know that America is a greedy war-nation intent on world domination?
We are so over with being impressed by this president.
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