DPOAF 10 of 10 - What "Relevance" Is America Supposed to Have?

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 12, 2015 7:21pm CST
(Defending President Obama against Accusations of Failure) I once asked for 'evidence' of Obama's wrongdoing, and was given the link you see. As I expected, the 'evidence' was more of the unfounded accusing I've seen before; but it looks like people are 'rallying behind it' (like the thoughts are from some 'Holy Writ'), so I'll address the accusations one-at-a-time. And I welcome any 'evidence' (okay, "links"; but hopefully linking to some factual statistics) against my defenses here. Accusation 10 He has made America irrelevant. In this section, TheFederalist even say he 'did this' not with action, but with inaction. So AMERICA made America irrelevant, and Obama was just the guy we tied to the maidenhead as we set sail into the Not Mattering Sea!
We are so over with being impressed by this president.
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