27 Surprising Foods for Weight-Loss

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
December 15, 2015 7:39am CST
I don't want to go through the whole slide-show and come back here to list all the foods, so I'll just find my favorite weight-loss food and ask you to find and tell us about yours. Mine's the Kashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie (even though it's only 1 cookie per serving)---"The bulk of these cookies are made up of nutritious whole grains like triticale (a wheat-rye hybrid) and buckwheat, a slow-burning whole grain. Creamy almond butter, dark chocolate chips, crunchy almonds take the flavor to the next level, making this box of cookies, one that’s hard to resist." They also list some 'TV dinners,' some hot-dogs/sausages, and some chocolates (besides the other cookies). What's your favorite weight-loss food listed here?
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@poehere (17676)
• French Polynesia
16 Dec 15
Not to be mean on this one but a few years back I did some research on all of this for an ebook taht a person was writing. If you sign up for some of these sites and get some of their free info it basically all says the same thing. What gets you in the end is the ton of emails all of these people send out promoting one book after another. These people are wonderful at swearing and supporting another person who has thrown together an eBook on weight loss or put some 45 min video up on YouTube. If they can get you to watch all of this and then on top of it purchase a few of there book you are hook and they make big money. Do you really think all that they push is really true. From research the diet industry is a billion dollar a year industry and a lot of people are trying to step into this one with a video or eBook. I feel that some of the weight watcher food is packed in a lot of stuff that is so bad for you. One thing is this it is better to find herbs and veggies that go great together that will help reduce body fat. Thanks for sharing this one but I have seen so many of these it isn't even funny right now.
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@OreoBrownie (3653)
• Commerce, Georgia
16 Dec 15
Sounds wonderful. My favorite food is smoothies. My daughter makes them with frozen fruits, milk and slim fast.