Did You Know Crows are Clever Birds?

@Hatley (164506)
Garden Grove, California
December 16, 2015 10:15pm CST
When I lived in Tustin Cal ifornia I often went for walks in the old parts of Tustin . On One street were numerous walnut trees and a goodly number of crows. The lady who owned the old Victorian house I had stopped to admire c ame out and told me to watch those crows; They are the cleverest birds.I watched with her and sure enough the crows dropped walnuts on the street.then they watched and saw cars r un over the nuts. ;Once the cars were gone here came the crows;they hopped do wn and ate away on the nutmeats until they saw a car coming and flew back up into the trees. Then more nuts came down and the process started all over again. Smart birds!!!!
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@kaka135 (14067)
• Malaysia
18 Dec 15
They are really smart! I read from some stories, the crows are very clever. But, I was sad to see there were a few times when I fed the birds in the park, and the crows would fight against each other to get the food. I usually the pigeons would share the food.
@Jessicalynnt (47895)
• Centralia, Missouri
18 Dec 15
I have always wondered just how smart they were
@alberello75 (18462)
• Genova, Italy
17 Dec 15
To be honest, I did not know. You see, never ends to learn more and new!
@marlina (76838)
• Canada
17 Dec 15
Pretty smart moves.
@OreoBrownie (3639)
• Elberton, Georgia
17 Dec 15
They sure are smart birds. I have read about that too.
• Greece
17 Dec 15
I have heard that crows and magpies (same family) are very clever. The ones you saw certainly demonstrate this. Animals learn very quickly when food is on offer and this must also apply to birds.
@chance216 (277)
• United States
17 Dec 15
I read an interesting story about a girl who would feed this group of crows and in return they would bring her "gifts" like shiny bits of metal and other things. Crows are very amazing and smart animals.
@cherigucchi (4866)
• Philippines
17 Dec 15
That was really smart.