Third Stage Liver Failure

@Shellyann36 (10790)
United States
December 17, 2015 3:34am CST
My aunt Helen is hanging on by a thread. She has third stage liver failure. She has suffered with GERD for several years and has taken several medications for it over the years. The medications stressed her liver and she entered the first stages of liver failure. She was on a waiting list for a liver transplant and she spoke about having the surgery often. When it come down to her position in line she decided against it because she was worried about her body rejecting the liver. So now she has seriously gone down hill. Right now the only thing keeping her alive is the lactose they give her to flush all of the toxins out of her body. It is a sad existence because she is so tired and drained. She has been to the hospital 4 times since October. Last week she got out of the hospital and they put her in a nursing home for rehab. Well she got so sick that she was unresponsive when one of the nurses come into check on her. They sent her to UNC hospital and she was in a coma for 12+ hours before they finally brought her back around. She has come home and is staying with my mama. It is really hard on mama because she has to take care of her. It is really physically straining her. From helping my aunt to different places in the house and then cleaning up her messes it is getting to her and she has not been out of the hospital long herself. I am cooking Christmas dinner this year and I am hoping that everyone will come because I am sure that this will be my aunt Helen's last Christmas. It is very sad but at the same time I feel so badly for her and all that she is going through. The doctors literally told her that if she got tired of living the way she is that all she had to do was stop taking the lactose. Now that is a very frightening message to get from your doctor. They did finally get approved for a Hospice nurse to come in and help out with her on a daily basis and that has taken some of the physical burden off of Mama but she is of course upset on the emotional level. I say it is third stage liver failure but it is probably considered fourth stage by now due to the fact that they have called in hospice. It makes me very sad to see her in this condition. Include my aunt in your prayers if you can.
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@GardenGerty (100344)
• United States
2 Jan 16
I am so sorry to hear this and glad Hospice can help. Generally that is an indicator of a projected six month prognosis. I do not know if she took prescriptions or used over the counter meds for her GERD, but either way, those meds are not designed to be taken long term.
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@LaJenna (134)
• United States
14 Sep 16
I will pray for her right now. There are great antioxidants out there that may help her feel stronger at least . I am not a doctor but I know someone that had liver failure and his doctor told him that he recommends a certain herb a lot.The herb is not a cure-all or a fix it herb. On the label of this herb, it says it helps cleanse the liver. The friend of mine that heard about this herb didn't take it due to the fact his liver was in the last stage. It may not hurt to ask her doctor if it would hurt her to try it.
@scheng1 (24755)
• Singapore
2 Jan 16
The doctor is being very practical. I think he does not give out false hope. There is no chance of recovery, and using lactose all the time must be very tiring for your aunt. If I were her, I rather end it sooner rather than later.
• Midland, Michigan
26 Dec 15
Although I'm glad that hospice is now helping so that the burden isn't solely on your mama, I also know how hard it is once hospice gets involved, as they came in to help my friend of twenty some years last spring. Is it common for the body to try to reject livers? My cousin had a kidney transplant when he was eight, which was fifty or more years ago. I know he was on rejection medication for most/all of his life, but maybe she didn't want to take more meds since that started this whole thing? I hope your family had a good celebration yesterday even knowing the status of your aunt.
@simone10 (21652)
• Louisville, Kentucky
25 Dec 15
I am so very sorry that your aunt and all of you are having to go through this. What were her chances of living with the liver transplant? I'm just wondering why she chose not to have it done if it could have made her feel better and given her a better life. Did they doctors say that there was a good chance she would reject the liver or is she elderly?
@antonbunot (9486)
• Calgary, Alberta
22 Dec 15
Is liver transplant possible? What is the rate of success?!
@JudyEv (125911)
• Bunbury, Australia
22 Dec 15
This is very sad. It is good that someone is helping your mother care for her a little bit. It is very tough on your mother too. Sending good vibes and prayers your way.
@jstory07 (68175)
• Roseburg, Oregon
22 Dec 15
I am so sorry your Aunt is sick from liver failure.
@SIMPLYD (80319)
• Philippines
22 Dec 15
My prayers for your aunt . When we see a love one suffering so much already , we can only wish that she be finally given the time to rest eternally and not suffer them anymore .
@jaboUK (54462)
• United Kingdom
22 Dec 15
That is so sad for you all as a family. I hope that she can be made comfortable so that she can get soime pleasure out of life. Sending you all positive thoughts.
@rebelann (41920)
• El Paso, Texas
21 Dec 15
I am so sorry you and your family are going through this, it is one of the hardest things for family to deal with. Of course I have all of you in my prayers.
@PatZAnthony (12772)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
18 Dec 15
It is terrible, but true-medications for one illness can and will cause another. Such a sad thing that your aunt has to endure. Now we can research things ourselves and see what options are available for us.
@PainsOnSlate (20329)
• Canada
18 Dec 15
Her doctor was very brave to say that to her. Here in Canada they are talking about allowing medical help with ending life in the cases that there is no hope. Her suffering can't be easy to watch. I will keep her in my prayers.
@dodoazo (20298)
• Philippines
18 Dec 15
We regret to know it. Actually that is life. Anyway do your best to please your Auntie in her last moment with you.
@TheHorse (67110)
• Pleasant Hill, California
18 Dec 15
Will do. How old is she?
@BelleStarr (38978)
• United States
17 Dec 15
I certainly will and I will put her on the prayer line as well.
@LadyDuck (163155)
• Switzerland
17 Dec 15
I am so sorry, she is suffering from a long time now. I hope she can at least enjoy the Christmas day with you.
• United States
17 Dec 15
Wow, I don't know what to say except sorry.
@marlina (74763)
• Canada
17 Dec 15
OMG, so much suffering. I hope that everything will be easy for her from now on. They must give her some pain medicine I hope. Keep your spirits up. Not easy, I know we went through something similar 10 months ago.