Memory Lane. Time For First Aid/.

@Hatley (164448)
Garden Grove, California
December 19, 2015 10:09pm CST
While was sitll living in Tustin at El Dorado Gardens I had gone down to get my mail. The tree trimming company was in my way so I stood there then suddenly the one side of the cage holding the man with his pruning machine lurched. He jerked at the lurch and let out a scream. I saw that he had practically cut his left arm off. They got the cage down but the men were dithering while he was losing blood fast. I finally could not stand it. I grabbed a towel from one of the men wringing his hands, made a tourniquet with a short thick branch and got the bleeding stopped.I yelled at these men standing there to call 91 as that man needed medical aid at once. So it was just five minutes and they were there . One of the para medics thanked me for putting on the tourniquet and I left.I was so glad that I had remembered my first aid training. I got a letter of thanks from the tree trimming company and learned that they were able to save his arm. That was a very scary time for us all.
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@Jessicalynnt (47878)
• Centralia, Missouri
20 Dec 15
not only is there training, but there is the flight or fight or freeze (I add freeze because I do that one) under extreme moments. I bet one of those guys there KNEW what to do but froze. It's awesome that you knew what to do, and went to fight as an option! I bet that man thanked you in his mind for years, you prob saved his life.
@Driftr (201)
• Coimbatore, India
20 Dec 15
You have a great presence of mind and also have a great helping tendency. Please continue to do so. Your first aid saved his arm so you should be proud of your work.
@jstory07 (72478)
• Roseburg, Oregon
20 Dec 15
That was good that you were there to help him.