No matter how simple YouTube makes putting on new wiper blades, in real life it isn't quite that simple.

Dallas, Texas
December 20, 2015 3:31pm CST
There are wiper blades that have built in universal adapters. Rain-X is my favorite. It provides the universal adapter, already on the blade assembly, to fit both j-hook design and Pin-style such as my large quarter inch Pin-style wiper arm. Rain-X® Latitude® Water Repellency wiper blades, 22 inch are good for both driver side and passenger side on our 1995 Cadillac Sedan Seville SLS 4 door with automatic and Northstar 4.6 engine. But some types of blades that come with the removable small J-hook adapter that has to be removed first for the quarter inch pin style arm use what is referred to as the Universal Adapter which looks like a small plastic thing that clips down on the blade to keep it from slipping off the pin. In any case, my friend was kind of puzzled trying to simply remove that J-hook adapter and snap that silly looking black plastic thingy called a Universal wiper blade adapter but he tried it one way it did not go on then turned it the other way and it snapped into place, But I was upset. I wanted to install the blade myself. He had all the fun. I will buy 2 more blades just so I can put them on myself I need the experience. I want to do it so I can prove to myself I can.
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@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Dec 15
h hatley here I know that feeling like the first time he lighs were ff for a minute and shut down my cable inernet and I did not know how to rese e modem and router.I c alled up the cable company and got a helper who spoke gerenglish so that I still d id not learn how to d o it. I had to have a repair person come and he showed me then let me do it and now I can reset it if the lights go off and I have had to do that a few times so I felt really empowered.
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• Dallas, Texas
21 Dec 15
I have mainly been a do-it-yourself-er but there are some things I rely on experts to fix for me when I have money to pay otherwise it's back to hillbilly fixing things.