Even I am confused about this guy for her

@ricki_911 (20074)
Toronto, Ontario
December 24, 2015 9:55pm CST
I had posted a few times about my friend and this guy. Well I had messaged him to see for myself. More or less he showed signs of interested but very shy. He was not rude to me but claimed he wasn't interested. I just asked well if you are not interested why wont you simple tell her and problem solved. He claimed at first that it took him a year to get a date, and I don't know half the story. Well I know all of it, and I was simple seeing what he would say. I said well what did she do, or why. He started typing but then never continued. He was thinking of what to say, and wont say anything rude or nasty. Now if I was not interested I would be very rude and then block them. I sent another asking, where he read it but didn't reply. I asked why he shows up place she is if he doesn't live around my friend and he would type something then stop not reply. I stood watching how they act and I can tell by just body language is is very much interested and gets all nervous with her.
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@Hatley (164451)
• Garden Grove, California
25 Dec 15
Yes it does sound like he is inerested in her but afraid to let her kno w.
@ricki_911 (20074)
• Toronto, Ontario
25 Dec 15
I thought about that as well. I tried getting them to meet together, she sort of has this mind that he isn't interested doesn't want to come as desperate or crazy. I think he is inexperienced and shy. What I gathered asking him things.