WALMART SHOPPERS: If that TC# Is for Savings Catcher, Why Is It Also on My Debit-Card-Loading Receipt.

WalMart Receipt
@mythociate (15951)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
January 1, 2016 6:53am CST
I guess a better question would be 'What are the purposes-BESIDES-Savings-Catcher for the TC#-codes?' On the Yahoo! Answers page, they said that it's basically for "returns & exchanges." I then went on to speculate, '... That is, it's how they access your receipt-info on their database (because nowadays that's like the company's employees' shared-bank-account---all that matters is what's on the database!)' (That's the same reason some franchised stores WON'T SELL TO YOU if their computers are down.)
I know TC stands for Transaction Code. I want to know the meanings of the groups of numbers following the TC. This is at the bottom of every receipt.
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@yukimori (9074)
• United States
12 Mar 16
Yes, that's the unique ID for the transaction in their computer. They can access all of the relevant information about the purchase in the system by scanning that barcode at one of their POS terminals. What I'm finding is that many local retailers have no way to handle manual transactions, and no policies in place to allow it. Not to mention that customers often refuse to allow things like imprints of their cards or cashiers writing down numbers for later processing. There's just too much room for human error in those circumstances, so the stores don't do it.
@DianneN (84977)
• United States
2 Jan 16
I am definitely NOT a Walmart shopper, so I can't help you. Happy New Year!