Appendix to my Positive Post: New Year's Eve Games Night

United Kingdom
January 1, 2016 8:09am CST
Usually, New Year's Eve tends to be pretty much boring and/or disappointing for me but I still try! This year, I'm glad to say, was different. I had invited a few people, as I often do, to play some games. This doesn't usually work well because I either don't have enough people to play, or I hadn't had games that everyone could play, or people didn't stay long enough for it to be worth doing anything. Anyway, I didn't have many people turn up - there were a total of 8 of us. Much of the night, there were only 6 of us. Well, let's start at the beginning. I'd asked Mini, my youngest, if he wanted to ask a friend over. I asked him because he's only 10 so, while my 15 (nearly 16) year old was happy to play and 'geek out' with us grown-ups, I thought Mini might feel left out. So he invited his best friend over during the day. She was here for a couple of hours, during which we all played a Doctor Who DVD board game which Mini had had for Christmas. We also had a quick game of pass the parcel. Mini's friend won both games! They also played outside with water pistols (even though it was freezing cold and raining) and Mini's new Nerf gun, and they played hide and seek. After I'd taken Mini's friend home, I went to fetch D and brought him over to mine. He helped to prepare the flat for guests. Well, I'd done a good job of the kitchen. I know it was a good job because two people asked if D had done it! The boys had helped me tidy the front room and do some other bits and bobs. D went over with the hoover, washed the last few pots, and helped to put nibbles out. Then D and Midi played a game together while I finished off some bits, and Mini played with toys. My friend and her partner turned up just as D and Midi had started playing. We asked if we could play as teams but nobody wanted to do that so I chatted with my friends until another guest arrived. That happened to be B, that's Midi's Dad. I can't remember what names I've given people on here previously so, for the purposes of this, I'm going to call my bestie 'AO', and her partner 'KM'. D and Midi took a while to play their game (Star Wars Risk, which D had bought the boys for Christmas) so I chose to play ' Would I Lie to You?' board game with everyone else. KM and I formed one team, while B and Mini formed another (so Mini wasn't left out in the end anyway, and was happy to join in with some games - I didn't expect that!) AO didn't want to play but we said she could help a team if we needed help. Then my sister, Dory, came while we were all playing so we said she could help one team and AO could help the other. We played a few other games. The only one that all 8 of us played was Pass the Parcel! AO and KM only stayed for about an hour or so, I think, so there were only 6 of us for most of the games. We did all (6) play Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit. We played as three teams. Me and D; Dory and Midi; B and Mini. D and I won that. During the night, there were games of Ticket to Ride, and Mysteries of Old Chinatown. B, D, and I played Ticket to Ride while Dory and Midi tried to see if the Chinese was open. Mini went to play in his bedroom for a bit. It was getting very late, and I'd said that Mini could play on his Kindle as he'd had no TV or computer time at all, and he'd mostly been good! Well, Midi and Dory discovered that all the Chineses were closed. Then, after ordering via a website, we also discovered that all of the Indians were closed. I've said now that, next NYE, I'm going to either pre-order a Chinese or prepare Chinese food myself as Dory always wants one! Later on, I told D that I needed a tall, dark, handsome man to be the 'First Footer', the first person into my home on New Year's Day. So he went outside (he was going out for a smoke anyway!) Then he knocked and waited to be let in (I don't know if that was some sort of addition to the tradition ('addition to the tradition' - that could make a groovy rap lyric) or just being polite or what. Well, I let him in and he was all soppy. Said happy new year, gave me kisses and cuddles, and said he loves me. Then we came in to the front room. Dory, B, and Midi had decided to play the Chinatown game while I made a cup of tea. Then, just before midnight, I called Mini back into the front room (he was still wide awake and he'd had half an hour on his Kindle) and we counted down to the new year, which we all toasted with a small sherry. I gave Mini and D about two droplets of sherry in lemonade! Dory didn't like her sherry, and she made some funny faces after drinking it! Then I took D home. I'm still waiting for him to message me. He may still be asleep. He said he would have stayed here but he doesn't sleep well in my bed, and he wanted a good night's sleep so he'd be OK to go to his parents' today. I don't know what sort of time he was planning on going but it would be nice if we could go over. Obviously, if he's not well then that can't be helped. Well, after I got home from dropping him off, I snuggled up in my new snuggly blanket which D had given to me for Christmas. I also put the heating on as it was freezing (I'd had to defrost the car before taking D home). Then Dory and B both went home while the boys and I went to bed. It was a really good night, I think, and certainly given me good vibes for the coming year. I'm still dreading going back to work, and panicking about getting my uni assignment finished in time, but I can live with that. Nothing drastic has happened in 2015, and I have things to look forward to in 2016. How was your last day of 2015?
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@just4him (124234)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
2 Jan 16
You had a productive day and a good party. I didn't do anything except myLot. Boring stuff.
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@softbabe44 (5899)
• Vancouver, Washington
1 Jan 16
Games games What a family thing its so nice to see this kinda thing going on and talk about here is so outgoing wonderful.
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