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January 1, 2016 12:01pm CST
Jenni Blake dressed quickly ito a pretty green skirt and a matching top. The skirt was a bit loose at the waist so she threaded her new belt she got for Christmas into the loops, closed it.Looking in the mirror , she grabbed her brush and smoothed her auburn hair. She glanced outside and grabbed an umbrella as it was raining lightly. She drove quickly and was in her room at Hillcrest grade school at fifteen minutes to nine am .The first graders came into her room quickly and noisily too. Jenni had a mild gseadache but she made it through to recess timeHer class were all special children with super high IQ's.But some were also very sensitive to criticism too. She was playground supervisor for the morning. Jenni found liltle Susy Black in tears. She was the only Mexican child in the class and someone had called her an Illegal Mexican. Terry had heard her parents rant about the illegal Mexicans and was just repeating what her dad had said. Jenni called Terry over and told he that was it not true and also that if she could not say something nice to a playmate she should just not talk at all. Terry actually was Susy's best friend so she started to cry too. "Im sorry Susy" se said and offered her a big toy panda bear."Please you can play with Pandy now.Im sorry I made yu cry." She put her arms ar ound her friend. "You are my best friend" The school principal was watching the whole incident and was really pleased.She went over to Jenni Blake ."Jenn I'm so pleased with how you handled that incident. /Also your request to transfer to teaching the senior class was accepted.But I hate to let you go as you are so needed right here." Karen Wilson was grey haired and seventy at least. Jenni was 24. She looked at Karen the principle ad decided that she wanted to tell her something she had just tdecided. "Karen I just changed my mind as I found out I can help these children after all."I think that they do need me. Okay.?" Karen looked at her and smiled then laughed".Well I really do like that a lot.I prayed you would change your mind and seeing how well you handle these children Im glad you decided not to leave." She gave Jenni a big hug. At the end of the day, Jenni Blake was just grabbing her coat and umbrella when Jared Blake fourth grade teacher slide ino the room. A tall very handsome man of thirty with prematurely white hair and a ready grin came quickly to her side and hugged her."Jenni you made my day as I told you,you are needed right here." He kissed her as the last three children clapped as t they all left the first grade room. The end. copyrighted 2016
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@Jessicalynnt (47880)
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2 Jan 16
it's sad how kids will repeat what they hear, adults really have to be sure the word out of their own mouths show compassion Anyways, very good story!
@jstory07 (69979)
• Roseburg, Oregon
1 Jan 16
Maybe she will marry that other teacher.