A long vacation and a short getaway

@scheng1 (24742)
January 2, 2016 6:05am CST
Once I had a lunch with a few colleagues and we got to talk about vacations, and places of interest. They were very keen travelers, and they said that they always had a long vacation and at least a short getaway per year. Many of them spend nearly 8 thousand dollars per year on holidays. This is the lifestyle that they have aspired, and many of them travelled with their kids. That means they had to pay nearly 20 thousand dollars for a family of 4 to go on a long vacation. They do not travel free and easy, since they do not the time to plan. They just check the prices of group tour, and book the holidays. This lifestyle is too costly for me. The thought of packing and unpacking is enough to kill all thoughts of frequent travel from my mind.
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@maezee (33394)
• United States
21 Jan 16
Wow, 20,000 for a family of four seems like a lot of money. I wonder if they could get any better deals out there. I usually travel with CheapCarribbean and manage to get some really great prices on all-inclusives....However, there are always activities you have to pay extra for.
@Beatburn (3920)
• Philippines
11 Jan 16
Same here. Can't afford such luxuries. However, I see a future where my wife and I get to go places. I hope the dream will be a reality someday.
@youless (93682)
• Guangzhou, China
6 Jan 16
I like traveling and of course today I like to travel with my husband and son. I want to leave a good memory. The problem is we don't have many days off work. If we have to go together, usually it must be in the national holidays because at that time we all have days off work. The problem is everything will be quite expensive at that time and everywhere is crowded. Or we have to travel when my son has the summer vacation. At that time it is expensive, too. But at least this is another better option for us to have a travel. The problem is my husband and I can't match the time to go off work together. He is very busy at work. And this is why usually in summer vacation my son and I will have a travel together but usually it is within one week. I wish I could have more days off work so that I can be with my son to go more places. I always think how lucky for the foreigners to have so many days off work every year.
• College Park, Maryland
6 Jan 16
What? Who has that budget for that vacation? Why not join a travel club instead? It would take a lot less time to plan because of the travel and personal concierge and even less money. A long vacation for a family of 4 would be a 4th of that price. No way!
@fishtiger58 (30319)
• Momence, Illinois
2 Jan 16
I like to camp and fish. After you have the basics camping is quite cheap.