How do you reach your goals?

January 17, 2016 7:01am CST
What are the actions you take for you to be able to reach your goals? For me I work hard all the time and focus myself on whatever it is that I'm trying to achieve. I try to distance myself from distractions as much as possible and waste no time whenever I am trying to get what I want. It is important to utilize your time while your at it because you cannot afford waste precious time. All I can say is that with enough determination and motivation we can reach our goals. How about you how do you do it?
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@sharon6345 (126129)
• United States
18 Jan 16
remind myself that I have no time to waste. I remove all distractions t the best of my ability. I take breaks to get my mind right. I keep my eye on what I am getting and the rest falls in place. Many hours I sit online without even the tv on. sometimes the tv helps and like right now it's off.
@alchemistrx (2570)
• Philippines
18 Jan 16
Reaching your goals is a matter of discipline, time management, determination and prayer. With all these,you can achieve what's in your heart.
@srisahara (4149)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 16
It is very simple, I reach my goal by hard work and praying. Hard work will bring us to find a best way. Praying will make us to be patient and have an expectation that we can reach the goal.
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
18 Jan 16
I waste a lot of time, but am working on changing that. Think I will go back to writing and using lists to keep me focused. Time is so precious.
@cherriefic (4690)
• Baguio, Philippines
18 Jan 16
I always make sure to stay inspired so I can focus more into reaching my goals.
@rosekiss (30272)
• Eugene, Oregon
17 Jan 16
Since I live alone, there isn't anyone here to distract me in anyway. I can come in here any time of the day, or night, and interact for as long as I want to. I just want to be able to get done what I have set out to do each day. That is to do as much as I can while here, and not worry about my earnings and how much I am making. I find that if I don't look, I earn more, than if I am always looking at it.
@maezee (32288)
• United States
17 Jan 16
I definitely like to make plans and try to reach my goals that way. It seems to help by documenting each step. For example, my goal is to have several thousand in my savings account by the end of this year. So far I have about $100. But I have it all written down, which helps remind me to stay focused! Good luck with your goals.
@sugartoes (40759)
• Greencastle, Indiana
17 Jan 16
I do the same thing I have my bed & my t v in my computer room so I can take all the time I can on here to work with out interruptions from the husband & the 3 dogs but it sometimes don't work but I get what time I can on here I almost would say I'm a hermit working on here