Settling In

Hornsby, Australia
January 20, 2016 3:35am CST
When you're stuck in the thick of life, no matter what that may hold for us all individually, we can never quite see past the "problems" in our path. It doesn't matter to us who is doing it worse, or why your problems aren't in fact problems at all - all you see is your self struggle. It could be to do with nothing at all - a bill you forgot to pay - or a friend you don't particularly bond with. Those mediocre matters that in the big picture - couldn't be less important. Being thrown out of ones comfort zone is the most disruptive act of life that people can experience, self inflicted or completley coincidental, it matters none. It matters none because life will just keep throwing them at you - and it's whether you chose to stand and face those moments, or cower that will determine just how big our problems can get. Settling in to anything can seem therapeutic for some, and terrifying for others. Though it is this one simple action that determines your "problems" from the milestones of life, that hide amidst that one simple decision behind the matter of your own self doubt and deception. A problem is only a problem if you welcome it as such - allow yourself to settle in to the notion that life is abrupt and spontaneous - and you will never see the world the same again.
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@owlwings (40003)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jan 16
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@owlwings (40003)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jan 16
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@rebelann (43527)
• El Paso, Texas
22 Jan 16
Wow, really interesting insight for someone so young.