Pumpkin's positive post: Lucky Me

United Kingdom
January 21, 2016 10:59am CST
Hello everyone, how are you. Now, this post may not seem very positive in places but bear with me as the less positive side is there to explain the more positive stuff. :) So, how long has it been? Not too long, I think. The boys and I (and the man giant - that's D, my boyfriend) had a great Christmas and New Year. We've since gone back to school and work. I worked for a couple of weeks in a nice nursery, but this week I'm at a not-so-nice nursery. I don't like my job anyway but it can seem like such hard work when it's a place in which I'm not comfortable. I get frustrated with the agency through which I work. That's because I work through an agency as, with other things going on in my life, I can't commit to a permanent position. I also get bored easily! Well, the need to be flexible is kind of defeating the purpose when the agency ask me to do more hours/days than I would be doing if I had a permanent job. It also seems quite pointless telling them when I am unable to work because they still ask anyway. So, what I wanted to say about that was that I am grateful that I do have a job. It's not idea, it's not something I enjoy, but it is a job all the same. I do also still have a certain amount of flexibility in that I can, if I need to, take odd days off (I'm only supposed to work 3-4 days anyway but I usually do 5) if I have appointments and things. It's also quite well paid. This week, I had been working in a pre-school room, which isn't too bad, but today I worked with toddlers. I don't like toddlers. I don't really like the staff member with whom I worked. She seems to have improved since I first worked there, but she comes across as quite rude. She asks me to do a job, then five seconds late she asks me to do something else. I'm just there to make up the numbers and to do the jobs she doesn't want to do. At least in pre-school room, I'm usually doing what I'm paid to do. Last week, Midi (that's my firstborn) turned 16. I bought him a hoodie that said 'Alcatraz Psych ward' or something like that. I also got him some Wine Gums, because they're his favourite sweets, and I bought him two games - a card game called Fluxx, and a dice game called Catan. Oh and a Doctor Who roleplay game book. We played Catan and Fluxx but we haven't played the roleplay yet. My friend's other half made a cake for Midi. Mini and I decorated it. It was delicious. There's still some left. Also, on Midi's birthday, I crashed my car. The sun blinded me and I could see nothing at all. I slowed down but not enough as I didn't see the parked van into which I crashed. So that car is now dead. I'm trying to sell it for spares but no interest. I'll probably call a scrappy and send it to silicon heaven. I waited over 2 hours for the RAC, and had to make several calls before anyone turned up. I missed Midi's birthday tea. Well, the car had to be towed. I didn't understand half of what the dude at the insurance company said. But, you know what? They guy whose van I crashed into, he invited me in for a coffee so I could warm up and stay out of the cold. He was really nice about the whole thing. I also thought that I'd had a bit of bad luck with cars but, although I've been involved in a couple of scrapes and crashes, I have always come out unscathed. My boys have never been involved (except once when Mini was little, and that was a minor bump). I was also lucky that my sister was able to take the boys home after I'd crashed, and that the boys are so good that it's no problem leaving them on their own. D came over for Midi's birthday as well. He usually relies on me to pick him up, and I thought he might not come over if I couldn't pick him up. Well, he did. He took a taxi here and back. He got here before I did, and he had dinner with the boys. D has also offered to help with costs of a new car. He was going to help with the repairs on the car because, typically, I'd just spent a lot of cash on doing the car up. So, I am lucky to have such a wonderful man. He does anything he can to make sure I'm looked after, even if it's hard for him. He came to a meeting at school with me yesterday. It was a general thing for all parents of children in Midi's year as they'll be doing 'SATs' soon. I'm not sure if D realises just how much it means that he came. He also popped in to my Slimming World group with me. I'd said that everyone had been asking about meeting him since we got together! Well, we didn't stay for very long. I got weighed, and had lost 3lb. It wasn't deliberate. I think it would have been a combination of unusual (for me) eating habits plus the extra walking I'd had to do without a car. That was another thing, I'd been saving money for car maintenance so I was lucky I'd got that which I spent on another car. Mini's teachers were saying what a wonderful reader he is. Apparently, his class teacher has spread the word that another teacher in the year 'must' listen to him read! And Midi had an interview for a sixth form college place at his school. He's got an unconditional place. He's going to do well, there's no reason why he won't. I'm waiting for the boys to get back from school. They should really be back by now. I might wander out if they're not here soon. They should be getting the bus back as they didn't know I'd be finished work early, so they won't be expecting me to be in when they get here. Tonight, we're going out for dinner with my friend. We go out for dinner once a month or so, and we take it in turns to pay. I think I get the better end of that deal as there is only one of her, and three of us! Yesterday was my Mum's birthday. We don't make too much fuss as she doesn't like it. I bought her three Terry Pratchett books. She said they weren't in order, but I hadn't noticed. I just thought they'd be stories she'd like. It was also D's Mum's birthday yesterday, and his niece's, and it was his Dad's birthday last week, as well as his daughter's (which is the day before Midi's). I don't know if he called his Mum and Dad, but he messaged his niece, and he sent a card to his daughter. Now I've forgotten what esle I was going to say. Oh no I haven't. Tomorrow, I'm going out. I'm going to see Vampires Rock: Ghost Train. There'll be me, D, Midi, and Dorypanda. Mini will be staying at my Mum's as he's too little to go. Actually, he's not, he just won't enjoy it as it's too loud. He went bowling with Cubs last week. He enjoyed that. He's looking forward to going camping later in the year too. Well, I'm hoping that I'll only have to work until 1pm tomorrow. I'm booked in unl 5:30, as I was today, but I don't know why, because that place never needs me until beyond 1:30. So, if I finish by then, I'll fetch D and we can all come to mine for a bit until Dory fetches us as she's offered to drive this time. OK, I'm wondering where the boys are now so I'll be off. TTFN
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@MALUSE (43620)
• Uzbekistan
21 Jan 16
Quite a lot going on in your life!
• United Kingdom
21 Jan 16
There's not really. I just waffle on so much, it seems like there's loads going on! Well, I suppose there is quite a bit at the moment. :)
@alchemistrx (2569)
• Philippines
22 Jan 16
Thank God you are safe.