myLot shall have an Android and iPhone app

Quezon City, Philippines
January 26, 2016 5:12am CST
Now that this site has a lot of positive reviews, I was wondering if they will do Android and iPhone apps. I would like to ask your opinions of whether they shall do iPhone and Android apps. I hope myLot will get on this suggestion that I have.
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@owlwings (39361)
• Cambridge, England
26 Jan 16
This is something which many people have wished for but, as yet, there are no plans for such an app. The owners of the site have said that, at this time, there are no plans because the cost of developing one is too high at present and the real value it would bring to the site is not great enough to justify it. I am sure, however, that is a situation which is constantly under review. There are other reasons why such an app might not be appropriate. Phones are typically used mainly for quite short messages, even on social sites like Facebook. MyLot is a site which specifically encourages longer and more descriptive passages of text and if the use of phones were encouraged by the development of an app, it would tend to defeat the object of the site because people would tend to post briefer discussions, responses and comments and to use text abbreviations. I believe that MyLot is best used on a PC (though the site was redesigned in 2013 to be slightly more friendly to the smaller phone format) and members should accept that.
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@T_gray (7808)
• Salina, Kansas
26 Jan 16
Even though at first I thought it might be a good idea, over all I agree with @owlwings
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@Shavkat (63439)
• Philippines
26 Jan 16
It would be great to have such app. But then, things will be different if the platform would be change. Let us see any development if they heard your suggestions.