By karl
January 30, 2016 5:02am CST
I was reading a post of a fellow mylotter about how his account frozed and his amount was not moving at all.luckily nothing of that sort had happened to me and i commented on his post about the same.But sadly now my account too is frozen. it seems i jinxed myself lol.
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@Daljinder (21199)
• India
30 Jan 16
It gets updated itself according to your activity..It will unfroze soon enough...
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@sugartoes (40033)
• Greencastle, Indiana
30 Jan 16
I hope by replying to your topic here don't freeze me up like your talking ha ha ha but I haven't had that problem happen to me as of YET but I hope I don't either
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@boiboing (12198)
• Northampton, England
30 Jan 16
Maybe you just didn't have enough activity for the total to move. And do you know that the bank only updates once an hour (or sometimes every 2nd hour)?
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@snowy22315 (45559)
• United States
30 Jan 16
Just keep posting and commenting and your account will be unfrozen!
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@Platespinner (16513)
• Winston Salem, North Carolina
31 Jan 16
Our accounts don't update in "real" time, but only every hour...or two.