Johannes Gutenberg: What Made Him Famous?

United States
February 4, 2016 9:10am CST
He was a very talented metalworker and from 1434 on, he worked secretly on a very special project. That project, when completed, was actually a turning point in history. This German inventor developed the movable type printing press. This revolutionary printing press had individual letters, made from metal, that could be used over and over again, which meant that books would be less expensive to produce and could be made available to a much wider audience. Gutenberg’s greatest achievement, however, his masterpiece, was “The Gutenberg Bible,” which he had copied by 1455, using his printing press, of course. A gothic type of letters used in the Guttenberg Bible was fashioned after German script. He took each page of the Bible and copied and printed it and then bound it in the style of a book. The Gutenberg Bible was the West’s first printed book. So, we can all thank Johannes Gutenberg for his invention and the printed pages we enjoy in the many books and magazines we have available to read today. Imagine how life would be if not for the printed page, although NOW we can read just about anything we want to read without it being printed on a page. Amazing, how far we have advanced, isn’t it?
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@akalinus (22180)
• United States
5 Feb 16
We probably would not remember the name of the man if he had not printed the first copy of the Bible. We would remember the invention because it changed life forever but his name would have slipped from memory. The Guttenberg Bible made him famous.
@1hopefulman (33671)
• Canada
5 Feb 16
He worked in harmony with the will of God.