Mice are so inconsiderate!

@RonElFran (1139)
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
February 12, 2016 10:45am CST
Mice like my house. I don't blame them, I like it too. But I'm the one paying the mortgage, and I don't like uninvited house guests. For some reason mice don't seem to get it that it's not nice to take up residence in someone else's abode without even asking permission. So every few weeks, especially during cold weather, some of them just show up and start running around like they owned the place. I think that's downright inconsiderate. What's even more inconsiderate is that they force me to pay the price of evicting them. Don't mice know that mousetraps cost money? Like I said, mice are so inconsiderate!
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
12 Feb 16
try havng a rat inyhor home we had onein my room abut five years back, the darned rodent ate thught the wires on my computer and on myh monitor caused overheating and a melt down took my son a month and some monty to put in some new wires, and all new parts to my old trusty desk top computer. total cost close to 200 dollars. the Orkin people didn ot catch himbujt he left for some reaon which I was totally glad of. the rat was very inconsiderate indeed. woke up one night the rodent was drinking out of my water glass.
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@RonElFran (1139)
• Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
12 Feb 16
The little mice that come into our house are almost cute. A rat would be a very different proposition! I'm glad he decided to move on from your house.
@aju007 (1470)
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
13 Feb 16
We had problems with mice a year ago. We couldnt find the way tgey were entering the house. The worst part is they were found at kitchen. After a lot of 'investigation' we found out that the airholes on the wall was their portal. We didnt wait to close it with nets. And it saved the day.
@JudyEv (141605)
• Bunbury, Australia
13 Feb 16
We haven't had any mice inside for ages as it is difficult for them to get in unless we leave a door open. But there is now a hole in the fly-wire door so I need to be careful. Hope you catch the little blighters!
@louievill (20365)
• Philippines
12 Feb 16
yes they are very inconsiderate, good thing my killer cat Princess thinks the same way too and hunt them down almost to extinction (they still manage to get in once in a while), even larger rats who manage to get inside the property lawn outside our house
@AnneEJ (4978)
• Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec
12 Feb 16
I had a small one here in my apartment awhile ago. I put some peanut butter on a trap and set it right near him. The little critter just nibbled at the peanut butter and didn't set the trap off. I think they travel from apartment to apartment here.
@Ladypeace (2047)
• Singapore
12 Feb 16
Oh they are rude indeed! We've got more important stuff to tend to than playing cat and mouse.