Rebranding a Blog

@nonersays (2757)
United States
February 21, 2016 3:49pm CST
Everything I've read about professional blogging says that you must "brand" yourself. You need a blog, a facebook, a pinterest, an instagram, all that and even more if you expand your blog into a selling business too. Right now I'm wanting to try to be a "professional" lifestyle blogger. Which is to say I want to earn enough from my blog to let me work only part time, if not to be a full time blogger. The problem is I need to start with a fresh blog. I've been blogging as Noner Says for a long time, and I don't dislike that blog, but its not really professional. I've also killed it as far as google is concerned for different reasons. facebook fan page is Noner says and it has over a thousand followers (which is a big deal for me). My pinterest is Noner Says, and I kind of don't want to start it over fresh. My twitter and all its followers are...noner. My instagram is also Noner says.. So, how do I work my existing social networks into a new blog? Can I work my existing social networks into a new blog, or do I really have to start over completely.
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• Preston, England
14 Apr 16
I presume Noner is the author of the book - generally telling people about your blog on social networks is fine but if you only go there with read my blog plugs people get irritated -- it is just a case of getting your name out there and as widely circulated as possible - it is hard work, so good luck
@scheng1 (24748)
• Singapore
6 Apr 16
You can add in keywords that are searchable into the blog title and the content. Eg Noner Says cooking blog. In this case, the theme is about cooking.
@Lucky15 (33718)
• Philippines
22 Feb 16
i want to do blogging for real, but with branding..i can not even think of anything
@RaineyR (215)
21 Feb 16
I deleted my blog and in hindsight, I really regret it. I only had 300 followers, but I really wish I would have kept it. Now every time I think about starting a new one, I just get too lazy and just leave it. It's pretty tough to re brand. Maybe if you did it gradually and ran two blogs together until your following moves over? Good luck!