Good morning Monday....parrot whistling but it's school time.

@amnabas (10309)
Karachi, Pakistan
February 21, 2016 8:11pm CST
Good morning buddies. It's fresh nice cool morning here. My parrots are too happy to find us at home as I am inside my room preparing my children's for school he is whistling and calling me to hangout with them. But I can't because it's school time.....
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@JudyEv (126297)
• Bunbury, Australia
22 Feb 16
You would think he would be used to the routine by now. :)
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@ridingbet (55876)
• Philippines
22 Feb 16
do your parrots talk?
@LadyDuck (163607)
• Switzerland
22 Feb 16
I hope you will have time to take care of your parrots after your children are out to school.
@just4him (120556)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
22 Feb 16
I hope your children have a good day in school.
@Hatley (164639)
• Garden Grove, California
22 Feb 16
sounds like a lovly moprning and even the parrot is happy
@Ladypeace (2047)
• Singapore
22 Feb 16
It's also morning here 10:37 am and the sun's shining brightly. Good morning and hope your day runs smooth. It's cute that your parrots are feeling chirpy.
@Lucky15 (33753)
• Philippines
22 Feb 16
Good morning! Monday morning is the busiest
@TRBRocks420 (79515)
• Banks, Oregon
22 Feb 16
Good morning and, now I want a Parrot again lol.