Pumpkin's positive post: Hey, I Like This New Layout

United Kingdom
February 27, 2016 5:19am CST
This post has nothing to do with the new layout! So I was going to put a rant but then I thought about all the good things and decided that the rant is really about the same things as I usually rant about! I have been working at a place I like, doing a proper job as opposed to feeling like I'm just there to make up the numbers, and it's been quite good hours. Had a call to say that, even though I had been told I'd be there until Easter, I would finish Friday (yesterday), then was given a crappy hours job in a private nursery on Monday with two other shifts in different places and different times. That's before they call me at the last minute on my days off. Also been having trouble with the youngest one's dad again but I won't go into that. So, just wanted to get those thigs out of the way! The rest of the post really will be positive. After not sleeping well last night, I got up at 5am. I thought about trying to get back to sleep but I wasn't tired. Sometimes when that happens, I'll think about getting up and doing things but I'll actually just lie on the bed and rest or play games on my phone. This morning, I did actually get out of bed. I thought I may as well get on with some jobs. So I got quite a lot done. Some housework plus almost finished my latest uni assignment. I also found that I have things I had forgotten about, like I have Word on my tablet (which I don't have on my computer which has been a bit of a problem). I also remembered about OneDrive so I need to remember to use those things for my next projects. There's a job I think I will apply for. Most jobs that come up, I either don't have the exact qualifications or the right experience but this one is exactly (pretty much) what I used to do. It's stuff I am happy to do, I have plenty of experience in it, and I am qualified to do it. I don't know the exact hours but it will be part time. I'm still hoping to get out of working with children but having a permanent job and knowing the hours, etc. is a good thing. Other good stuff - the boys both have exams coming up. Mini has SATs. We went to his parents' evening and it was very positive. There are things he needs to work on but he's improved a lot in maths and his teacher thinks he'll be able to go for the higher paper/marks in English. He's also been really good and worked hard, and he's doing great at Cubs (which reminds me, I need to start paying for his camps). Midi has GCSEs coming up. He's got mock exams starting next week. He's predicted As and he's got a place at two different colleges - one is the 6th form at the school he already goes to, the other is a dedicated 6th form college in the next town (the same college where his dad and I met). He's also been nominated for an award at his drama group so we're going to that next week. I'm not quite sure what more to say but I am mostly quite happy. The youngsters are doing well, and we've got lots of things to look forward to as well as a lot of hard work coming up for all of us! I hope you're all having a good day. We're going out for Teenpanda's birthday meal tonight. There will be 18 people I think. That's a lot of people. TTFN
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11 Mar 16
It's good to make a positive post sometimes. I think I should do that; maybe it'll improve my mood. But I can't really think of anything positive right now.