How does mylot work?

@checky99 (226)
February 27, 2016 10:44am CST
I'm new in this page and i don't know well what i have to do for earn money.
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@kaka135 (14131)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 16
Welcome to mylot. I guess you'll get good understandings from myLot Help and also owlwing's blog. Besides that, just enjoy yourself, reading the discussions and responding to them. Interacting with others is the main key to earn in mylot and also the funnest way. Of course, you can always start your own discussions and have conversations with others about yours. Hope you'll enjoy spending time here.
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@RaineyR (215)
27 Feb 16
Welcome to mylot, I've found the more I interact with others, the more I earn! Its a pretty cool site though!
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• Pune, India
27 Feb 16
@checky99, Welcome to myLot community. Best place to learn more about myLot is its HELP page. Go through each point on the HELP page carefully carefully and start posting new discussions, respond to other posts, comment, like, make friends etc. Repeat these activities daily and whenever you get time. Dollars will keep crediting your account automatically.
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@owlwings (40054)
• Cambridge, England
27 Feb 16
Welcome to MyLot. It's really simple. Anything that you post - a discussion, a response to someone else's discussion or a comment in your own or someone else's discussion is eligible to earn money. Whether is does or not depends on how other people interact with it by responding, commenting, liking &c. If nobody shows any interest in what you say, you very likely won't earn anything. It is worth your while, therefore, to be socially active and to make sure that what you post contributes to the discussion in a relevant, useful and interesting way.
A quick user guide to MyLot with answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, a short history of MyLot and other notes Pages Useful Links Welcome to MyLot MyLot is a social site which rewards you for taking part in discussions. There are members from all ov
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