Neopets Daily Faerie Quest Results: February 28, 2016

@freak369 (5024)
United States
February 28, 2016 6:27pm CST
There are days when I really don't know what I would do if I didn't have Neopets to kill time at. With the weather changes and recent events I've found myself in a massive amount of pain that's left me depressed, crying and generally hating life. Alas, the Faerie Festival arrived at the perfect time and I've been lucky to catch the NC Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies in stock while they are on sale for half off. Daily Gift: Beautiful Autumn Leaf Wings (you can expect a price drop on all of the things that are being given away during this event). These are currently in the 4K range but they are so "beautiful"; if you are into faerie themed things these are going to be worth hoarding once there is a significant price drop on them. Faerie Festival Quest: A Water Faerie sniffs and says, "You probably won't help, but I need Kiko Encyclopedia for my studies. I can't tell you why. Good, this should help with the -- well, never mind. It's a secret. Oh, you'll want your reward" For your efforts, PoisonGirl_666's defence has increased! Fortune Cookie Quest: "Courage, Neopian. Though it may be a difficult quest, you will find it worthwhile. You are supposed to bring me: Lime Scratch-n-Sniff Notepad" I didn't have one in my Safety Deposit Box but I did have a search window open so I was able to check the prices. "This should help our cause. The war is not yet won, but the battle turns in our favour. For your efforts, PoisonGirl_666's defence, strength, and health have increased!" Battle Faerie quests are always worth it and considering the cost of the notebook (3K NP) it was less than the price of one single Codestone that I would have to use for training at the Secret Ninja Academy. Are you going to try to complete any of the Festival quests? Have you gotten any great daily prizes? Do you game at any other websites like Neopets?
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@drannhh (15241)
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2 Mar 16
I used to like Neopets and even had a Neopets mousepad at one time. Now I wonder where it is?