Who tell the animals that clocks get change hour head soon

Kingston, New York
March 3, 2016 6:49am CST
As you know March 13,2016 clocks get changed to a hour head. As the saying goes fall back spring a head. But how do the animals find out? Does a parrot tell them? Or do they just know. OK that it for this one.
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@owlwings (40110)
• Cambridge, England
3 Mar 16
Since animals don't read clocks, nobody tells them and they just go on as usual, depending on the sun or their stomachs or how the world smells today. Of course, animals with tame humans see that something has gone wrong with the usual regime and either go: "" or ... don't (depending on whether they are dogs or cats, mostly).
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• Kingston, New York
3 Mar 16
Animals today play dumd I think they are Smarter then some humans lol
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@MGjhaud (20860)
• Philippines
3 Mar 16
haha u made me laugh on this one. somehow you made me wonder how chickens adjust to the daylight saving time in the morning. i guess they kind of adjust to it eventually.
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@Marcyaz (35566)
• United States
3 Mar 16
Animals seem to have a built in clock it seems like. I knew the clocks changed but I couldn't remember exactly when it happens this month.