Miss a Discussion /Black Clouds W ill it Rain tonight?

@Hatley (164640)
Garden Grove, California
March 4, 2016 11:03pm CST
The sunset was closed out by an humongous layer of dark black clouds.I do not know if it has rained or not . Rain is not forecast for Saturday but for S unday and Monday. I hope it will not rain til S unday as my son is coming to see me tomorrow afternoon, I hope this is not a duplicate as the one I wrote I cannot find anyplace.So am doing a second rewrite job here But the way Im going tonight I doubt if they would be alike anyway as both ,my shoulders are hurting to night and I have never had arthritis in them at all. My bank account moved up but not to where I was hoping so I cannot stay up here all night just hoping to get to twenty. Wishful thinking does not really do a heck of a lot of good lol. One is never satisfied money wise human nature is weird But I can still enjoy my daily mylotting so not feared. What I m ke will help so much so oft to bed I head. Because morning comes so soon so I shake out the lead. Good night all hatley signing off now as far as posts,. All mypost is original and graphic by P Hatley both copyrighted 2016
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@Jessicalynnt (47895)
• Centralia, Missouri
5 Mar 16
when money is tight pennies have more value
@LadyDuck (163404)
• Switzerland
5 Mar 16
We expected rain, but this Saturday morning it's snowing here in Switzerland. A March surprise.
@Ladypeace (2047)
• Singapore
5 Mar 16
The sky has been threatening to rain in the past 3 days at my place but it hasn't and I hope it does soon because it's hot and sweaty. I keep my fan blowing at me in the day. Goodnight and sweet dreams to you Pastie.