Are you workaholic?

@VinayaG (550)
Kathmandu, Nepal
March 8, 2016 7:56pm CST
You may not believe me, however, it is true that I have not taken a break since three years. I am always working, I work in the weekends, holidays, even during the house warming parties. I am workaholic.
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@maezee (33917)
• United States
9 Mar 16
Oh man! Is it that way because you choose so? Or because your job is just too demanding? I couldnt do without a break - I need it for my sanitys sake to unwind after a long week.
@OneOfMany (12401)
• United States
9 Mar 16
I seem to work a lot, but I need time off from time to time. The only part of me that never stops is my mind. I'm always thinking. Sometimes my mind wakes up while my body is still asleep and I'm able to think about things. It's really an interesting experience. How often are you aware of how it feels to be awake and asleep at the same time?
@rina110383 (24069)
9 Mar 16
Since I started working from home, I became workaholic, working more than 8 hours a day for 7 days. But, I'm less stressed.