40 Acts #31 - Beeline

@patgalca (14468)
Orangeville, Ontario
March 16, 2016 12:16pm CST
[/i]His disciples said, ’What are you talking about? With this crowd pushing and jostling you, you’re asking, “Who touched me?” Dozens have touched you!’ (Mark 5:31 The Message)[i] In some countries, towns and societies, talking to the people you meet – passers-by, shopkeepers, fellow commuters – is entirely normal. Expected, even. You might not be a natural talker, but think of it this way: everyone around you is a valuable person with his or her own life, experiences, struggles and stories. Every friend you have today was a stranger once. So make a beeline for someone today and strike up a conversation. Three Options: If you're unlikely to see anyone new today, perhaps you could learn a few greetings or phrases in a different language or in sign language. The ability to communicate kindness across cultures and disabilities is always a good skill to have up your sleeve. Pluck up courage and pick a person to talk to today. You might not need to go out of your way. It could be whoever you happen to sit next to on the bus, the guy who makes your morning brew at the coffee shop or just someone you walk past in the street. A smile and a 'Good morning' is often the best place to begin. Start a journal. Keep a list of all the people you'd like to bless this Lent, and use it to document all the things you learn over the next 40 days. Talk to anyone and everyone today. Literally everyone you meet. Go wild!
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@Corbin5 (109158)
• United States
16 Mar 16
Just a friendly smile and a sincere "hello" can make a person's day.
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@patgalca (14468)
• Orangeville, Ontario
17 Mar 16
I live in a large town (27,000) and we all smile and say hello to each other. I'm always talking to people in the grocery store.