Mykites Reminds Me a lot of Bubblew

@ChrisH09 (280)
Trinidad And Tobago
March 25, 2016 11:19pm CST
Before you all start, not in the bad way as in it is going to have the same fate as bubblews and the money is no where as near as how much bubblews was paying. It just have a similar user interface and many of the same rules, I do not know much about the site as yet and I am not recommending it, all I am saying is, it has a very strong resemblancen to bubblews. I have been using it for a little while and if I get paid I will update you all, althought that may take a while as earning there is harder than mylot.
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@allknowing (70817)
• India
26 Mar 16
I am there. They have a cas back for purchases on certain sites.Nothing else attracts me there. Nothing like myLot. myLot is unique.
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@sharon6345 (142446)
• United States
26 Mar 16
I can't take having to count what I type or I would be there.
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@maezee (33976)
• United States
26 Mar 16
I havent tried MyKites but someone else brought it up in a discussion. Are you a member of any otger writing sites that pay? I am so far only a member of one but hoping to change that soon. Best of luck!
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@LadyDuck (182653)
• Switzerland
26 Mar 16
I had a loot at that site and decided not to join, it does not sound to be a serious site.
@YesWay (3450)
20 Aug 16
Same here. It seemed like there was suddenly so many of these sites spring up, you had to be selective which to join and which to just leave well alone.
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@eagletrek2 (5280)
• Kingston, New York
14 May 16
I am on it and did get paid but it take them like 2 month to pay I still doing post there when I get the time
@SHOHANA (7167)
• Bangladesh
26 Mar 16
i'm glad that i quit long ago the site mykites
@Macarrosel (7537)
• Philippines
26 Mar 16
I was there too long time ago but was inactive already.
@carebear29 (28833)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
26 Mar 16
I miss Bubblews too. But I love this site. Mykites I post once in awhile
@Shavkat (66202)
• Philippines
26 Mar 16
I am in mykite before. But I had stopped since I feel bored. There is no active interaction between the members.