food cravings

@crofter9 (150)
November 24, 2006 2:03pm CST
Many women have strange food cravings when they are pregnant, some illnesses that affect both male & female also make you have these cravings, and my interest is in cravings that are not food. Do you have any: - i.e. coal, soap, plastic, and sponge to name a few I have come across and do you have any illness that may explain it? Serious food cravings are medically known as picas
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@owlwings (40029)
• Cambridge, England
1 Jan 07
What a fantastically interesting topic! No, I have never had an urge to eat dirt, worms, faeces or anything like that. I do, from time to time, feel the need to eat very sweet things or very salty things. When I do get that urge, I recognise it as unusual in me and have always assumed that it was because my body was trying to tell me something (but that I didn't necessarily interpret the message correctly). I have also enjoyed the taste and texture of many odd things (putty for the linseed oil, I suppose; rubber; petrol/gas - but only the smell of it; Puppies very commonly eat their mother's or other dogs' faeces. This is quite natural (though often disgusting to their human proteges) and serves to populate their stomachs with the right bacteria, so I understand. I wonder if such aberrations in humans as coprophilia are the same sort of urge gone wrong, so to speak. An interesting theory: could we wean human children quicker if we included some of our sh*t in their diet? Probably not, since nothing like that exists in any culture that I know of. As I say, a fantastically interesting topic (especially as I am very attracted to magpies, anyway!)
@crofter9 (150)
3 Jan 07
Thanks for your comment. I think sweet & salty things are quite natural as that adjusts the salt & glucose content of your body and often those things get slightly out of balance. As for your other comments regarding what dogs do aghhhhhh!!!!, what a horrible thought. Happy New Year to you.