Not oll of us fit the mold of generality.

Dallas, Texas
April 2, 2016 6:10pm CST
Well, It is true. There are some people who are better off not taking medicines, not using antibacterial soaps and would be better off being a little bit over weight for that matter. So what if a drug can lower cholesterol or blood pressure? Maybe some people are genetically designed to have higher than the norm. Maybe trying to make every single person conform to the so called NORMAL status that is written in books at places like the CDC or the FDA or EPA or Mayo Clinic is an error in judgement! Think for a minute. That man who smoked for 79 years lived to be well, 100. Does that mean he didn't inhale? What about people who are of perfect weight according to the scale of endomorphic, mesomorphic and ectomorphic body types, still get heart disease. How about those who drink a case of beer and drive home from work and never get a DUI? There are so many exceptions to each rule that there is, no such thing as NORMAL or AVERAGE. Here is another example: If a person has a genius IQ of about 170 but decided he or she does not want a degree but would rather be a teacher at a high school and paint with water colors doesn't say much for ambition but then the experts will just tell you, that person may have been a bit off. Not so. It's just that the experts are busy being opinionated, not really experts.
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@irishidid (8734)
• United States
2 Apr 16
When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure I looked at the doctor and said "There's no way! I'm thin!" Come to find out more thin people have high blood pressure than heavier people. Which proves there are no fast and firm rules.
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@LoriAMoore (4665)
• United States
2 Apr 16
Good points. What is "average?" I don't know.