who cares...

@artupe (83)
Hyderabad, India
April 4, 2016 12:17pm CST
who cares whats happening in the world, is there anyone who can tell atleast is it good or bad. no one no what they want in there life but steel live... why. i also think some time of these kind of things
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@maezee (32558)
• United States
4 Apr 16
Welcome to MyLot. I am not entirely sure what your question is asking. Can you rephrase it? Or are you asking why we should care about what goes on in the world?
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@artupe (83)
• Hyderabad, India
5 Apr 16
suddenly many peoples lies with another people for no reason, i tryed many time to tell many peoples its not good thing... but still everyone lies for no reason what to do.??? actually i don't like lire people @maezee