Tired but need to get going

@maxen07 (887)
April 11, 2016 5:53am CST
Great things are never easily achieved. This is something I've always known but because of daily pressing matters, we tend to push our luck once it came then we forget reality. I know because it's been the cause of my downward spiral. I have a lot to work on within myself: spiritually, emotionally, physically. I need to change because God knows I'm a mess. If only I could spare my family the pain, I will. Financial matters can do a lot to a person. Someone like me who owes people $2500 can either contemplate suicide or rot until it breaks them completely but we all know those are not options. It's bad but I can say I'm willing to do anything for $2500 because that would solve my debt problems. But I know that coming up with that much is not possible right now. I don't even have the capital to raise such an amount. Maybe I'm just overthinking this. Out of desperation perhaps? I could ask for more time but I don't know how those people will react. I had a chat with a friend just awhile ago and being a religious man, I asked him if God will still help someone who had done wrong but is now asking God for help to right his wrongs. I feel that someone or something is hindering me to solve my problems because all the steps I've taken to solve them have fallen and right now, I don't know what to do. Maybe a little rest will help me. I hope that by tomorrow', God will answer my prayers. He knows that I need him desperately more than ever.
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@Teep11 (7181)
• United States
11 Apr 16
Debts can be forgiven. If we set up payment plans then there's a way to get through it. We shouldn't feel despaired when hardships arise. Our wrongs are forgiven if we ask them to be forgiven and believe within our hearts.Life isn't easy and we can make some bad choices but we can turn them around.
@maezee (33918)
• United States
11 Apr 16
Im sorry you are in this dark place. Even throwing a little money at the debt here and there would reduce it. Im not sure where you owe it to but would you be able to get on a payment plan? Once it starts decreasing your mood and outlook will increase. Im sure of it! I personally have racked up quite the credit card debt...around $5k. It is slowly reducing though. Best of luck to you. Let us know how it proceeds.