Challenge Short story from glass angel, leggo blocks, an orange, and a dill pickle.

@Hatley (164638)
Garden Grove, California
April 16, 2016 3:18pm CST
Nora Anderson picked up the glass angel. Tony left it there alongside the orange he was going to eat and that stupid dll pickle. She thought as she tripped over a pileof leggo blocks left by the little boy she had sat for his mom, a friend of hers, do i want kids, Tony was the plumber she had asked to fix her stopped u p kitchen sink Nora wondered why she had thought Jim no loger loved her just because he had not t called or written to her in the l ast six weeks. Sure he had gone back to South Dakota t o see his ill mother. Nora realized too that there might b e a good reason why Jim Carson had not contacted her at all .He was an EMT for heavens sakes and he had told her he had to go back to South Dakota because his mom was ill. Perhaps there was a real reason as he had always kept in touch ad they had set the wedding date.Why had she let these sickening doubts in her mind? . She picked up the Angel as she heard a knock on the front door First she peeked out oh my g it was Jim. She opened the door, shocked to see he was on crutches. He grinned as he said."You did get the angel good. im so sorry I did not call you bu t as you can see I have been out of commission for six weeks." Nora hugged him, tears in her eyes."YOU never called me and I I ditd no know what to think.What happened?" He looked perplexed.'"Honey I wrote to you as soon as I came to in the hospitla.I was in four car pileu , br oke my leg, and had amnesia due to skull fracture. Didn't you get my letters and I called once and nobod y answered.' They looked at each other then Nora winced."my sister oh darn her. I was working at St Lukes, and let my sister house sit as I had to special a patient. She is so thoughtless. I asked her if there was any mail and she just shrugged.' Jim took her by the had and led her into her den where the phone and answeng machine was . there they were, five letters to her that her sister had not told her about."Jim I have not been home for three weeks as I specialed the lady until she died. I was going to check in here this mornng but that silly tony the plumbeor came by j ust after the brat I baby sat for got picked up by his mom." Jim stared at her."That Tony hope he did not make a pass."He did but I told him I would knock his block off if he came close. He got the message and even left part of his lunch." Nora blushed as she said " I did begin to think that It you did not care any more." Jim said quietly " I care oh honey do I care, next month is the day, do you still love me?" S he blushed as he pulled her against him and kissedd her so hard she w as gasping for air. "Jim I loved you wheny you wer ten, fourteen twenty and I love y ou even more now." "You knew that your sister does not l ike me?" She nodded now realizing that her sister Aiden had sabotaged her into thinking Jim had gave up on her. Aiden had tried to get Jim for herself. One original short story challenge and graphic by P Hatley both copyrghted 2016
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