What is your job and do you enjoy what you do?

April 23, 2016 11:30am CST
I work in a hospital and pour coffee. It pays good money and offers vacation and stat time as well sick time and a pension. I am grateful for it. I would like to try to do something more rewarding and interesting in the future.In this economy a job is a job which is the sad truth and i feel for those that do not make enough to cover all their expenses.
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6 May 16
I have a stable job, it can't cover our expenses either. I want to quit the job, but it has a lot of time taking care my two-years old son.
@BettyB (4209)
• Summerville, South Carolina
23 Apr 16
I am a teacher. While I enjoyed it, I am ready to retire. Twenty-five days of school left. I can't wait.
@carebear29 (28833)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
23 Apr 16
I am a stay at home mom and do apps and MyLot to work
@maezee (33924)
• United States
23 Apr 16
Glad that you appreciate your job. I work in customer service and while its not where I see myself 5 years down the road I apprecoate it now for paying the bills.
@marlina (79590)
• Canada
23 Apr 16
Retired here. Good luck with your next job.
@rina110383 (24069)
23 Apr 16
I'm in the legal profession. It pays me well for the brain-draining tasks my client ask me to do.Yes, I enjoy what I do because I get to practice my profession remotely and I have flexible hours. Most of all, I don't have a boss.
@quantum2020 (10028)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
23 Apr 16
I enjoy what I do. I work as a freelance writer online and as a painter assistant in a project. I may do other jobs that I have learned through life and I enjoy them all.