Do you think that 911 was covered up somehow by the USA government?

April 23, 2016 12:42pm CST
I think they knew of the plans and what target would be attacked. I think they helped finance the people involved and it was all done in order to gain power and control over the entire planets resources and people.The truth will hopefully be exposed and the people involved will hopefully be given life in prison.
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@owlwings (40116)
• Cambridge, England
25 May 16
OMG! Another one! I've seen all the videos. Read all the guff. You are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! There was NO collaboration, NO funding, NO collusion. It was a unilateral terrorist action, pure and simple. If you want to believe that there is some kind of concerted "Illuminati" or Satanistic plan behind it all, then, by all means, don your foil helmet and put on your tinted spectacles. I can't stop you but I do hope that you and your kind will some day be locked up in a safe place with kind psychiatric nurses to take care of you!
@PrarieStyle (2495)
• United States
28 Apr 16
Yes, I believe it was an inside job. It took me years of research and thinking and praying about it to come to this conclusion though. At first it was hard to even look at some of the videos. Now I realize that it was done by satan, using the illuminati, our own government and muslims for his minions. The "truth" is already exposed however the people responsible will never be brought to justice, in this life anyway...
@Mike197602 (13968)
• United Kingdom
23 Apr 16
Personally I think it was nothing to do with the US government. I watched a documentary where all the conspiracy theories I'm aware of were debunked. It would have had to be a very large conspiracy and loads of people would have known and I think things would have come out by now.
@boiboing (13105)
• Northampton, England
23 Apr 16
I think you are wrong.