One of them came...

Photo of a package that I received today
@xstitcher (10692)
Petaluma, California
April 25, 2016 4:27pm CST
I happened to be on line and saw that I'd gotten another USPS update on something I'd ordered. When I opened the email, it said, "Delivered". So, I went to the door, and sure enough, my package (pictured) was on the doorstep. I haven't opened it yet because Mom likes to see me open things, so I left it on the kitchen counter. I think that this is a shirt that I bought. Thinking back, I may have ordered two from two different companies, unless I'm thinking of something else that I've ordered before. Any way, I'll take another photo after I open it. :)
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@MGjhaud (20787)
• Philippines
26 Apr 16
i always get excited whenever i receive packages although i already know whats inside..
@carebear29 (27675)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
25 Apr 16
Packages are always fun to open. Especially when they are like gifts to yourself.
@Hatley (164806)
• Garden Grove, California
25 Apr 16
I love opening things too like your mon hope its what you ordered. Usps here is really pretty good at gettingthings delivered timely
@Jdaw1985 (4007)
• Harrells, North Carolina
25 Apr 16
That is always a good feeling when you are able to see the truck or the email in your case show up. I have not ordered anything in a long time but it is a really great feeling whenyou have been waiting and wanting it for so long LOL.
@quantum2020 (8405)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
25 Apr 16
Packages may take time to be delivered; however, they are always delivered. It´s great you received that package o time.
@Teep11 (6833)
• United States
25 Apr 16
That's great that your package was delivered. That's always nice to hear. Delivery services are a lot better these days. Enjoy opening and your package.
@Platespinner (19344)
• Winston Salem, North Carolina
25 Apr 16
I love opening packages. Even when it's something I ordered and paid for and is purely practical it feels a tiny bit like Christmas or my birthday .