Hobbies that make you smarter

@shivamani10 (11200)
Hyderabad, India
May 4, 2016 4:35am CST
You may be disgusted to see the 'MARKS MEMORANDA' which dubs you as Intelligent or not. You may feel frustrated to know the road to Intelligence has reached for you and there is no way to further. But, this is only myth. Do not be disappointed and frustrated as there are many hobbies which invigorate your personality and shape your intelligence and help you building up smarter than ever; VORACIOUS READING; Reading is a good hobby. Try to read slowly spending as much time as possible over many topics and make it voarious reading. Reading opens the ways to multiples emotions and teaches you a lot in varieties of subjects. It actually supresses tension. It also enriches your knowledge in a situation and keeps you abrest of any situation. Learning a New or Foreign Language: This is not so easy.It requires analyzing new words and grammatial structures. The people with this hobby are generally good at planning, decision making, and problem solving. Workout to Brain As you need workout to keep your body fit, there is a need to work out your brain, to keep it fit and active always. Exposing the brain to take new challenges will make it sharp.
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@MALUSE (42636)
• Germany
4 May 16
I've done all this all my life.
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@marlina (76619)
• Canada
4 May 16
Same here, this is how I live.
@mythociate (15740)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 Mar
Reminds me how "Adam Ruins Everything"-star Emily Axford ruined I.Q. tests
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@rina110383 (24072)
4 May 16
These are my hobbies.