How does earning system of MyLot works ?

May 7, 2016 2:39am CST
I want to know that how many responses will make you some pennies ? Does anyone knew how does it work ? What will give you more earnings, a good discussion of yours or responding to other discussions ?
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7 May 16
Brand new to the site so I have plenty of wonders about payout as well. Good luck!
7 May 16
same here. I think it will take a week or so.
@miniam (9236)
• Bern, Switzerland
7 May 16
You just got started, try interacting @Trevin95 and posting interesting posts that people want to interact with before you can start worrying about the money.
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@owlwings (39391)
• Cambridge, England
7 May 16
The earnings system is explained in the Earnings FAQs (see below). Your earnings are entirely dependent on how much OTHER PEOPLE interact with what you post. Whatever you post - a discussion, a response or a comment - has the potential to earn for you but, unless other people interact with it, it will earn very little or nothing. That is why it is important to know and follow the Guidelines and to make sure that whatever you post - discussions, responses or comments - is worthwhile, relevant and contributes to and furthers the conversation.
This is where you will learn all about the myLot Earnings Program
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7 May 16
thanku for the link mate.
@Dishari (700)
8 May 16
The actual algorithm has been kept a secret, but there are some basic ideas. You need to be interactive and increase your activity count. If you can dedicate yourself notably to the site, you might earn a notable amount.
@MALUSE (41223)
• Germany
7 May 16
You worry about the money without being active on the site?! Stop worrying, read, like and comment and the money will come in.