Again, MyLot Is Not "Hiring Full-Time Forum-Correspondents"!

@mythociate (15963)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
May 25, 2016 11:09am CST
Don't get me wrong---if you can AFFORD to spend all your time posting new discussions and responding to others' discussions and doing advertisers' tasks (or whatever other money-earning things myLot asks you to do), I'm sure you can earn a nice chunk of change. BUT NOT ... I'm not sure, but I don't think any of the regular members "live off" the money they get from MyLot. I looked for posts about 'the average MyLot salary'; but a) I can't find any 'projections' or 'rate-charts' here (indicating that they're not too concerned about 'how much each member gets' since it's obviously not meant to be "money we need to survive" and b) the only discussions I'm seeing where people talk about it put 'the daily earnings' at about 30 cents (although they might be reading it wrong and it's more like .30 cents (three-tenths of one cent)). But the point is that We Are Here for FUN! Sure, the little-bit-of-extra-money is "nice" (and it's definitely the reason we're -HERE for fun and not -someplace else for fun!); but if you're looking to "earn a full-time income" by chatting in online forums, you're barking-up the wrong tree!,
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@zarlamain (24874)
• United States
25 May 16
I just came here to earn some extra money on the side while having fun. I make 30 to 50 cents a day on here, and that's fine for me. I doubt anyone can make living off of this site, and they really shouldn't.
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@marguicha (104309)
• Chile
25 May 16
Although my daily earnings are a bit over 30 cents (not one third of a day), anyway I would starve with that money in my country. I come for the fun.
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