What Makes Strangers Angry At the Dinner t able

@Hatley (164469)
Garden Grove, California
May 31, 2016 10:21pm CST
I haver just about had it with the fellow that they have seated at our table.''We two women tried to help him out as he did not have a place setting.He took the offered items scowled at us, and banged them on the table. "Dild we wound his male prilde or ego by trying to be helpful? I had to laugh at dinner., A ngeline had just sat down when the new man came and took all her place setting for himself."She got made an left.'"She was angry and she had a right to be as she is assigned that seat.]\p; "Then they had a mixup with the coffee cups and I got the one 'angie had filled with sugar; It was so sweet I did not dare drink it as I am a diabetic. Meanwhile he threw things around and acted like a complete jerk. s w
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@Jessicalynnt (47879)
• Centralia, Missouri
1 Jun 16
he does indeed sound quite grumpy
@LadyDuck (182458)
• Switzerland
1 Jun 16
This guy needs someone who teaches him how to deal with the others. He seems a bit rude and with no manners at all.
@josie_ (8018)
• Philippines
1 Jun 16
Next time don't seat with him during meals and avoid indigestion.
@hostessman (10173)
• Tucson, Arizona
1 Jun 16
Patsie I don't think this guy knows who he is dealing with. You better teach him a lesson..