I Know What Site I'll be Spending Less Time on

@Teep11 (7410)
United States
June 5, 2016 9:14am CST
Somethings change but remain the same. Hate is real and it doesn't conquer anything at all. It could stem from fear or envy. When I find that a site can't be serious or is riddled with hateful and racism I may either spend less time there or may find a site that's concerned about their members and care about each and everyone of them. We're bound to be exposed to negativity and we may be negative ourselves but there has to come a time when we want to be serious enough to handle business. Being on a site that welcomes members with open arms and sees that their members are comfortable no matter what their racial identity is. Those sites are sites that should be promoted and appreciated. We may not be able to completely conquer racism but we can stop supporting those things that will put fuel to the fire. So with that being said there's a particular site that will most likely receive little attention from Tanikka Paulk. I had hope for Mylot.
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@marguicha (109157)
• Chile
5 Jun 16
What do you mean that you HAD hope for mylot? Has anyone been disrespectful to you here? If so, report the mylotter. It is against the rules. If you are talking of another site, many would like to read its name so as to stop going there.
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@hereandthere (34073)
• Philippines
5 Jun 16
i'm hoping it's not here. i'm quite confused like the others. but just in case, here is the profile of mylot admin. just send him a private message.
This is GoAskAlex_Admin's user profile on myLot. Discussions, responses, comments, likes & more.
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@paigea (23163)
• Canada
7 Jun 16
I hope that if it is something that happen here on myLot that you will report it. I am sorry to "hear" that you have had trouble on any site!
@Macarrosel (7533)
• Philippines
6 Jun 16
I'm sure it's not myLot. If they believe it's myLot then they're wrong for here we don't allow racism
@Susan2015 (22743)
• United States
5 Jun 16
I haven't noticed anything like that on here. If you've seen a post like that, you should report it. They will delete it.
• Lenox, Georgia
5 Jun 16
I am confused like everyone else...I have never seen or heard about racial issues here...
• United States
5 Jun 16
Hi Teep. I hope there has not been something happening here. I recommend reporting if it is on this site. Yes there is no place for it here or anywhere else.
@josie_ (8087)
• Philippines
5 Jun 16
Same here as with those other comments. MyLot racist???
@silvermist (20086)
• India
5 Jun 16
@Teep11 I am rather confused,as it seems rather vague.Is it mylot where you met with racism? Or are you talking about another site.You say ''I had hope for mylot'',do you mean now you do not have?