What are your three favorite songs by All-American Rejects?

United States
November 25, 2006 12:58am CST
Mine is as followed: 1. Swing Swing- This song just has the lyrics and it has a great vocal/ guitar combo. 2. Dirty Little Secret- I hated this song at first, but the more I heard it, the better it got. Now, it's really a good song to listen to. 3. Let It Rain- Let It Rain is the heavier side of AAR and it works so great.
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@mizstress (719)
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
waaah! its hard for me to pick my top 3 AAR songs i love all of them, umm my top 3 would be.. 1. swing swing 2. it ends tonight 3. gives you hell
@Bethany1202 (3432)
• United States
18 Mar 09
I don't know too many songs from them, only the popular ones mostly that I have heard on the radio. I like Move Along and a few others, but I don't know the names. (I downloaded them on LimWire but I rarely listen to them...) I am not too into Dirty Little Secret but it's okay. I don't hate the song... Although I did at first like you!!
@jlovesbsb (245)
• United States
14 Dec 08
1. Dirty little secret 2.gives you hell 3. Swing Swing
@dana820 (277)
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
Wow, it's been two years since this discussion started! Oh well, my three favorite All-American Rejects song are: Swing Swing, It Ends Tonight, and The Future has Arrived. The first is their debut hit (I think) and it's got a good melody. The second is such a good I'm-breaking-up-with-you-because song. And the third is... well, I heard it from the movie, Meet the Robinsons and it was so much fun! Lo and behold, when I looked it up, it was by the All-American Rejects!!! Who would've thought, right?!? Cool! :D
@izhang (77)
• Philippines
22 Apr 08
i love AAR so much!!!as in,., i luv all their s0ngs,,but to name 3.,. ahmnmn,.,it ends tonight,,time stands still,,ps iluv u,., 4th wud B dance nsyd!!ehehe,.,^_______^
@Sickart (58)
• Greece
18 May 07
Definitely:1.Swing Swing 2.My Paper Heart 3.Dirty Little Secret Overall i love many of their songs but i pinpoint these 3 Nice band really!