The Train Ride

Amtrak Train
@marsha32 (6688)
United States
June 19, 2016 6:17pm CST
Hanna, Allen, and I were first time train riders. First of all, I thought it would be a bit smoother of a ride. I didn't expect so much swaying of the cars. Sometimes they swayed so much that it made me really nervous, especially when there was a big drop down on the sides of the track. All in all, I loved the ride. I loved seeing all the scenery. 18 hours might have been a bit long for a first time train trip. The food on the train is expensive, even in the cafe part. For breakfast we each got a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich and a carton of milk. That was $6.75 for each of us. For lunch we ate in the dining car. We each had an $11.50 Angus burger, plus an additional $1 to add cheese. It was huge and it was very good, but it hurts my frugal ways to pay that much for a meal. Our lunch reservation was so late that we weren't hungry at supper time. We went back to the cafe and Hanna got a can of soda for $2.25, Allen got a cup of noodles for $2.75, and I got a bottle of orange juice for $2.75. (off the train the bus driver stopped at McDonalds for us and we each just spent a little there for a little food.) As far as food on the way home, we were allowed first choice of all the left over food from our trip to pack for the train. We each packed a bag for breakfast, lunch and snack. Then the rest of the food was given to the Indian families. That was a huge help cost wise on the train. We went to the cafe for supper and both kids got the cup of noodles at $2.75 each. I splurged and got the breakfast sandwich and milk again. On the way home there was a group of people with tags that said America by Rail. I looked it up online and ordered the free brochure on the trips. I'm sure they are super expensive due to the tour includes stops in between sites where they stay 2 or 3 nights in a motel, but I can dream right? I took tons of scenery pictures on the train trip. I have some of those saved to my computer now to share at some point with posts here. This picture I took on our first "fresh air" break along the way. We only had 3 of those in an 18 hour ride. That I didn't like....needed to be a few more! I'm glad I got a chance to take the train ride as it was on my bucket list. Who knew it would include the blessing of that trip being a mission trip.
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@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Jun 16
I wo uld love t o take a train
@JudyEv (136886)
• Bunbury, Australia
21 Jun 16
I love train travel but I used to like the clackety-clack of steam trains.
@gr8nana6 (2187)
• United States
20 Jun 16
I love riding the train, did it often back home in Germany. Sadly I have never taken a train ride here in the States. I can imagine that the charge an arm and a leg for food there, best to pack your own. Glad you had a nice though long trip.
@UncleJoe (11257)
• Virginia Beach, Virginia
20 Jun 16
It certainly would have been interesting to know from where to where.
@GardenGerty (104102)
• United States
20 Jun 16
I would like to take a train trip sometime. It sounds interesting. What were the seats like? We will be heading home tomorrow and I hope to do more on here then. Alarm is set for an early morning departure, but not as early as you had to leave.
@tech40 (9903)
• Philippines
20 Jun 16
That's a very very long trip,I hope you enjoy the environment on the train
@Blondie2222 (22724)
• United States
20 Jun 16
I'm glad you enjoyed the train ride and yeah food is expensive anywhere you go. My sister did one to NYC and said the food was expensive on that ride also. Atleast it's memories for you and your family though.
@jaboUK (55201)
• United Kingdom
20 Jun 16
I've been on a train lots of times, but never for that long.
@marlina (79646)
• Canada
20 Jun 16
Hard to believe that it was your first train trip ever!
@Corbin5 (119431)
• United States
19 Jun 16
A nice experience for all!
@Lucky15 (33687)
• Philippines
19 Jun 16
Quite long trip. But sounds great :)