11:38am Lunch Over

@Hatley (164640)
Garden Grove, California
June 26, 2016 1:54pm CST
Lujnch was reallyh nice half a broiled cheese and ham sandwich with stir fri ed red and dg reen bell peppers and rice,, dessert semi ripe cantaloupe they never get ripe canteloupe and I was raised on a farm where we ate ripe cantaloupe so I ' know how good ripe ones taste. These do not make the grade. sad. that was dessert which I had to leave as it was too hard to chew ripe cantaloupes are soft in texture.. So I'm back now and ready to post and interact , and do the endless notifications.The air noiw hgas that breathless feeling to it as it warms up a lot. I imagine by four p;m it will be . AC time The sunshine now has that 'humid heated feeling. It can get miserable here if we get the ocean breezed humidity on too of u pper eighyty degreetemps. a shower does nothing to c ool you off as the humidity gets high this last hot sp;ell our humiidty was very low as the air was blowing from the desert to us dry and hot.,better then moist and hot that is good only for some things. One original post by P Hatley copyrighted 2016
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@Corbin5 (109340)
• United States
26 Jun 16
Lunch does sound good. Have not had cantaloupe in quite a while. Very hot and very humid here; miserable outside.
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@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Jun 16
ere too so air is c o ming off the ocean and is heated lol. h
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@Jessicalynnt (47895)
• Centralia, Missouri
27 Jun 16
it is hard to get a good cantelope!
@celticeagle (118553)
• Boise, Idaho
26 Jun 16
I can't remember the last time that I had a nice ripe cantaloupe. I miss it too because they are one of my favorites. Tomorrow the heat will start. It has been so nice and pleasant the last few days. Will have to close my window and probably use the fan daily and the A/C during the hotter times. Ugh!